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"My 13 year old Collie had been suffering from arthritic symptoms for over a year. The pain was so severe when he would try to get up that he would cry out. No medication seemed to help. I thought I was facing a tough decision on the quality of his life. He was eating a well-known premium diet, but there were chemical preservatives in it. I started my dog on Regal Adult Bites and in just 3 weeks all of his pain disappeared. He began running and rolling and leaping like he did many years ago. After two months, friends began to ask me what I was doing to his coat. His hair had gone from dry and coarse to lustrous and flowing. My wonderful dog's life was extended another 2 1/2 years because of your Regal Pet Food.
Thank you!"

Reisterstown, MD

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A Company History

U.S.Grain Company was founded in 1974 and utilized manufacturing plants in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and North Dakota. U.S.Grain Company has expertise in the purchase and selling of high quality grain. Its specialty, prior to the entry into the Super Premium Pet Food Industry, was marketing premium horse feed for the special needs of the race horse industry.

In 2006, Added Holistic Salmon and Sweet Potato. Added PreBiotics and ProBiotics to all of our products plus Glucosamine and Chondrotin.

In 2004, Added Large Breed Adult Puppy and Lamb Puppy.

In 2002, Added Travel Bites.

In January 1991, U.S.Grain Company started work on product development and market strategy for a new line of super premium pet foods. U.S.Grain Company was looking to develop a superior line of super premium "The Next Generation" dog and cat foods for the professional dog and cat lover. U.S. Grain contracted Dr. Tom Willard, Ph.D. of Path Nutritional Consultants, for development of this new line. He teamed together with Dr. Warren Kirkley, DVM, to develop a full line of optimally balanced, super-premium, dry dog and cat foods. Collectively combining over sixty (60) years of experience, they originated a select product line featuring turkey as its main ingredient.

In April of 1992, U.S.Grain Company launched Regal Pet Foods - "The Next Generation" of super premium products by being the first company to introduce the concept of "Turkey & Rice" - Nutrition Made Simple!

In 1993, Regal's Sensi-Bites product was approved by many pet allergy labs for treatment of food allergies.

In 1994, Regal introduced a line of professional canned products to complement its dry line. Regal's canned line uses only professional formulas and features fresh turkey as its main ingredient.

In 1996, Regal added a very special lamb product to its line. Regal Lamb Bites features lamb meal from New Zealand and uses lamb fat as a skin and coat conditioner.

In 1999, Regal added a new venison product to its line. Regal Venison Bites uses Venison, Barley, Oats, and Potato for dogs with food allergies.

In 2000, Regal's #1 size treats were introduced in Venison, Lamb, Sensi and Lean formulas. At the same time the cat line was expanded with the addition of Lean Cat Bites and Kitten Bites, also in #1 packaging.

In 2002, Travel Bites.

In 2004, Added Large Breed Adult Puppy and Lamb Puppy.

In 2006, Added Holistic Salmon and Sweet Potato. Added Pro Biotics to al of our products plus Glascosamins Chondrotin.

At Regal we are committed to your pet's well-being. Fresh ingredients and strict quality control throughout processing ensure that Regal Pet Food will help your pet reach his full potential.

This is what Regal means by NUTRITION MADE SIMPLE - we use the highest quality ingredients blended by professionals to give your pet the best balanced pet food available today.

Today, Regal Pet Foods are sold world wide.