The Product Development Team

Path Nutritional Consultants

Our product development efforts were spearheaded by Path Nutritional Consultants and its President, Thomas R. Willard, Ph.D. Dr. Willard received his Doctorate Degree in Nutrition and Biochemistry from North Carolina State University. He has spent his entire professional career as a nutritional researcher and product development specialist. Dr. Willard is a well-known authority within the pet food area. His past credentials include V.P. of Technical Services with the Iams Company in addition to working with Campbell Soup's Pet Division.

Dr. Warren L. Kirkley

Warren L. Kirkley, DVM, consulted on the development of our products and provides on-going services as our Director of Veterinary Services. Dr. Kirkley received his Doctorate Degree from Colorado State University. He has over thirty (30) years of private veterinary practice which includes animal testing and research. Dr. Kirkley has also served as the Director of Veterinary Services for the Iams Company.


Raxy, an Area Search Dog certified with the American Rescue Dog Association and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, thrives on Regal Grain Free Buffalo and Lamb. It's a exceptionally high quality food at an exceptional price. We are grateful to have a local distributor and thank all the folks at US Grain for producing such a wonderful food.

Stacy and K9 Raxy