Over four decades ago...

The Regal story begins over four decades ago in Baltimore, Maryland where Lee Wayson started the U.S. Grain Company to develop and market foods – not for dogs and cats – but world-class racehorses.

Winning Nutritional Philosophies

Recognizing how better nutrition holistically impacted all parts of a horse, from the animal’s muscle tone to its energy level, Lee wondered how he could take the same winning nutritional philosophies of U.S. Grain and make a food for dogs. His first step was to enlist Thomas R. Willard, Ph.D., a veteran in companion nutrition, to be a partner in creating the “next generation” of dog and cat food. Together, with like-minded and progressively-thinking pet food manufacturing professionals, in 1991 Lee developed the company’s first formula using a concept he called Pet Nutrition Made Simple. Pet Nutrition Made Simple meant that pet food should not be a science experiment that uses low-quality ingredients and artificial flavorings and colorings to make the low-quality ingredients more appealing to both the pet and pet parent. Pet food should instead comprise of ingredients that someone might use if they were preparing the meal in their own kitchen. Protein should come from meats like chicken, lamb and fish; fats from wholesome sources rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like fish oil and soft sources of fiber with pre- and pro-biotic characteristics.

Healthfulness Equals Happiness

As pet owners ourselves, we know your happiness is closely tied to your pet’s well-being. When your dog or cat is healthy and feeling good, life together is more enjoyable. Trust Regal Pet Foods to deliver wholesome, high-quality nutrition that keeps your pet feeling good and you both feeling happy.

Why Regal